The concert of Alla Pugacheva in honor of its 70th anniversary: the reaction of celebrities

With the successful concert, the artist congratulated by many colleagues

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Концерт Аллы Пугачевой в честь ее 70-летия: реакция знаменитостей

Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov

Wednesday, April 17, held a Grand concert of Alla Pugacheva in Moscow. It was attended not only by fans and relatives of singer, but famous artists and colleagues.

Many of them did not miss the chance to congratulate the Diva with a successful show, writing comments about it online.

Nikolai Baskov: “thanks to the Great Alla Pugacheva for this evening of love, wisdom, happiness, sadness, music and crazy energy.”

Did not hide his admiration for the former spouse Pugacheva, a famous Russian singer Philip Kirkorov: “Here a word is not needed! As they say NO COMMENTS!! LIFE! Honestly, live! There is no equal , never was and never will be! Total SOLD OUT! And of course it’s LOVE! Love almost half a century! And such love was not there and hardly even happens!”.

Концерт Аллы Пугачевой в честь ее 70-летия: реакция знаменитостей

Svetlana Loboda, which, as we know, Alla very warm relationship in their Instagram-storis published a series of clips from a concert Diva, and one of them signed as follows: “These artists are gone and never will be. The Great Allah”.

Концерт Аллы Пугачевой в честь ее 70-летия: реакция знаменитостей

Husband of Alla Pugacheva Maksim Galkin also admired the concert: “What a concert! What a song. I have no words! Thank You, Alla!”.

Not behind colleagues and Dima Bilan: “What a touching and reverent Alla today was ! Alla you amazing sound, slim and lightweight !!! Thank you for this concert , which was awaited for by many people ! Thank you for not deprived us of this opportunity to be with you in your incredible world!!!”.

We will remind, in addition to the concert, Alla Pugacheva has arranged a private party.

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