The concert of Kiss in Kiev: TOP 10 main songs of the legendary band

We offer you to recall the most memorable hits of Kiss

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Концерт группы Kiss в Киеве: ТОП-10 главных песен легендарной группы

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The legendary band Kiss as part of her tour in Kiev will give a concert which will take place on 16 June at the NSC “Olympic”. Ahead of the show we decided to recall the most iconic songs of this famous Quartet.

In Kiev took place a concert of Marc Martel:

Kissin’ Time

This is the first Kiss song that hit the charts. Most interesting is that it’s not their track, and rock-n-roll star Bobby Rydell. The song was ranked number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100. Despite the fact that the cover has enabled the group to appear on radio, Kiss themselves didn’t really want to see Kissin’ Time on the debut album of the same name and agreed very reluctantly.


The biggest hit commercially was the song that they did not want the ballad. Didn’t write that Paul Stanley and gene Simmons, and former band member Peter criss. Paul and gene didn’t want to see it on the album Destroyer, so Kriss recorded her own – from vocals to instruments.

The title track was originally a Beck – in honor of his wife Becky, one of the participants in the former group, Peter criss called Chelsea. Wife of criss persuaded to rename the song to Beth.

However, Beth is regularly played at the concerts of the Kiss. She also gave popularity to a different track group.

Detroit Rock City

The song that opens every show Kiss. Also from the album Destroyer. Is classic rock and favorite of many fans of the group. Despite this, in the charts it failed. But the way to reach the audience still found. Once Beth became a hit, the label re-released the single on the album. And on the second side were added by Detroit Rock City.

Rock and Roll All Nite

This song also suffered an interesting fate. Initially it was released on the album Dressed To Kill and was ranked 68 in the charts. By the end of the year it got 12th place. But not in the Studio version, namely, “Lisovoy”. The track is an Assembly.

The boys really needed the material for the latest album. Paul Stanley was the line “I want to rock and roll all night and party every day”. Simmons rummaged through the catalog and found a unreleased song Drive Me Wild. Combined, just finished and got a hit that not only hit the charts, but also saved Casablanca from bankruptcy – it was released a live album, Alive!, where was the live version of the track.

By the way, Rock and Roll All Nite closing of each show.

Hard Luck Woman

Hard Luck Woman got on the album Rock and Roll Over. Another ballad, but written by Paul Stanley after the success of Beth. It is interesting that Stanley wrote the song as a possible track for the legendary rod Stewart who he inspired. But since Beth was popular, and the song it was decided to leave the group.

Calling Dr. Love

Another single from Rock and Roll Over. Gene Simmons recorded the vocals to it right in the room at the Holiday Inn. The name came from the phrase “Call Dr. Howard, Dr. fine, Dr. Howard” from the film “Three Fool”.

Love Gun

The song, which was included in the eponymous album, Kiss. It can not be called great hit number 61 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it is of great importance for group members. Paul Stanley in an interview is often said that Love Gun is his favorite Kiss song, which is the essence of creativity of the group. Regularly performed at concerts.

I Was Made for Lovin’ You

Almost a folk song from the album Kiss Dinasty brought unfading glory. Additional income from performances in the karaoke. If you listen, then I Was Made for Lovin’ You can hear the disco mood. The single was released in may of 1979 – when the disco era was at its Zenith.

Legend has it that the producers began to put pressure on Kiss is like, make a sound, which can be easier to sell. The group debated and argued and agreed. The demo was recorded a couple of hours. Paul Stanley said in an interview that I Was Made for Lovin’ You was created only to prove how easy it is to create a disco hit.

Lick It Up

Iconic song for Kiss, however, as the album of the same name. It was the first release, the cover of which the band appeared without makeup. The track is very popular among fans. Kiss Lick It Up at their concerts over 1300 times according to August 2015.

I Love It Loud

Single from the album Creatures of the Night, which is one of the biggest in the setlist for the upcoming concert in Kiev. It was composed by gene Simmons and guitarist Vinnie Vincent, who played in the band a couple of years. The song fades out, and then abruptly reverts and becomes even louder. This technique Kiss peeked in the songs of The Beatles – Helter Skelter and Strawberry Fields Forever.

We will remind, American musician gene Simmons from the legendary band Kiss wants to patent the gesture of “goat”.

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Концерт группы Kiss в Киеве: ТОП-10 главных песен легендарной группы

Концерт группы Kiss в Киеве: ТОП-10 главных песен легендарной группы

Концерт группы Kiss в Киеве: ТОП-10 главных песен легендарной группы


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