The concert of Oleg Vinnik was in jeopardy: what happened

Despite reports of mining, the concert of the artist in Sumy took place

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Концерт Олега Винника оказался под угрозой срыва: что произошло

Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik

Yesterday, October 3, in Sumy loudly kicked off the autumn leg of the tour, Oleg winnick called “Roksolana”. A full-scale stage, stadium concerts artist moved to the indoor Athletics arena of the University.

Also find out what they were admirers of Oleg winnick to talk with him:

The singer sang the famous hits “Nino”, “Happiness”, “Volchitsa”, “Captivity”, “how to live without you”, released not so long ago, but already became hits song “You know”. “Roksolana”, “Maya the Bee” and pleased the audience with new products. Especially brightly the audience responded to the new ballad Oleg Vinnik “Close on earth”, which the artist called on all to peace. After the last notes of this dramatic composition, in the hall for a long time did not abate the burst of applause and shouts “Bravo”.

Note, show Oleg Vinnik was in jeopardy. So, the unknown reported about mining of the building. During intermission arrived on the scene the security forces, who quickly checked the building and found nothing suspicious. After the intermission the concert continued.

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By the way, recently Oleg Vinnik was at the center of the scandal. The singer appeared in Russian shares, consent to the participation in which is not allowed.

We will remind, in the summer with “the Cupid” Oleg Vinnik drove 15 regional centers. The second “autumn” part of the tour will cover more than 20 cities of Ukraine and Belarus. The next show will see singer Severodonetsk, Kramatorsk, Pokrovsk, Berdyansk, Mariupol. The culmination of the tour will be a concert at the Palace of sports, is scheduled for November 21.

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