The concert that has shaken Geneviève Jodoin

Le concert qui a ébranlé Geneviève Jodoin

Geneviève Jodoin has lived great emotions when she sang, a few days ago, for the elderly of the Residence of the Estuary at Baie-Saint-Paul.

A few minutes after her delivery, while she was shopping in a supermarket, the author, composer and interpreter, confessed to be still shaken by what she had just experienced.

“One imagines it, but as long as it is not seen, it is not palpable. See the difference we can make with these people, see them smiling and hear them singing with me, it is that which touched me most. I’m still excited “, she confided during a telephone interview.

The winner of the edition 2019 of the show The Voice was part of that effort The Concerts of residence offered by the Festive ! Baie-Saint-Paul.

She offered, with her spouse musician, Frédéric Boudreault, short performances of three songs in the five pavilions of this residence for the elderly. It was, for the majority of these residents, a first visit from the outside the past three months.

“I sang one of my pieces in each of the blocks with times of Gilles Vigneault and Leonard Cohen. Our services were tailored to the physical abilities of the people visited in the pavilions “, she told.


The stop at the pavilion of people with intellectual disabilities has been delivering the most festive of this ” mini-tour “.

“It danced, it sang, and it was there that we had the most fun. It was really wonderful “, she stated.

During the interpretation of the song Leave the sea is the beautiful, Genevieve Jodoin has experienced a powerful moment of emotion.

“The people are all set to sing. This is where I had the biggest choke. I looked at my boyfriend and we had the small tear not far away. I almost gave it, ” she pointed out.

It was the first time that the author, composer and interpreter is produced before an audience in three and a half months, and she heard applause.

“It was really nice “, she remarked.

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