The conservatives are calling for the resignation of Morneau, supported by the Block

Les conservateurs réclament la démission de Morneau, appuyés par le Bloc

The conservatives are calling for the resignation of the minister of Finance Bill Morneau in the wake of the new developments regarding the case of WE Charity. The Bloc québécois is also in favour of this request.

The conservatives will present officially their call for the withdrawal of Mr. Morneau’s Thursday press briefing. The Bloc québécois, for its part, is a notice of filing of a motion in this sense, Wednesday, and the text should be officially filed Thursday to the ethics committee.

This offensive of the opposition against the Trudeau government comes in the wake of new revelations before the committee on finance investigating the case of the appearance of a conflict of interest that splashes on the liberals for several weeks.

The minister of Finance Bill Morneau said Wednesday in testifying before this committee, that it was offered by WE Charity a family trip to a value of $ 41,000. He has repaid the organization Wednesday, the same day that it appeared.

“It was an expense which I was not aware, he said as justification. It was a mistake.”

Recall that the daughter of Mr. Morneau has worked for the organization, which was awarded without tendering, the management of a program of $ 900 million of scholarships volunteer students deployed during the crisis of the COVID-19. In the Face of the controversy, WE Charity is withdrawn.

The New democratic Party could join her voice, in the next few days, the call for the resignation of the minister. It is feared, however, that, if Mr. Morneau was resigning from his ministerial functions, he will no longer be subject to the same level of accountability and that it is more difficult to make the light on the case WE Charity.

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