The conservatives have criticised the awards for the volunteer student

Les conservateurs critiquent les bourses pour le bénévolat étudiant

The conservative Party has denounced Sunday the fact that the granting of$ 900 Million by the federal government for students who volunteer will be provided by a third party, namely, the international body of STATES.

In a letter sent to the auditor general of Canada, Karen Hogan, the conservatives have said that this raises “concerns justifiable” and that “the links between body STATES and the prime minister [Justin Trudeau] are well known”.

Since a third party is involved in the case, the government will not add this amount to the expenditure of Ottawa for the pandemic. The opposition party has therefore indicated that it was a circumvention of the usual process.

“The Trudeau government committed levels of expenditure and administration of programs unprecedented during the COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean that the accountability, transparency and value for money should be ignored. In fact, they should never be ignored,” said the conservative mps Pierre Poilievre, Dan Albas and Raquel Dancho.

Thanks to this initiative of Ottawa, post-secondary students and recent graduates will be able to handle between 1000 and 5000$ by volunteering.

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