The conservatives require finances more transparent

Les conservateurs demandent des finances plus transparentes

In the meantime the presentation of the government’s economic Trudeau on Wednesday, the representatives of the conservative Party have urged the federal government to be more transparent in matters of finance, especially on the side of the debt and the deficit.

During a press conference, the spokesperson for conservative Finance, Pierre Poilievre, has said that the liberals had “lost control of our finances” during the pandemic, and even before.

According to Mr. Poilievre, the debt is currently around a trillion dollars and the deficit to $ 250 billion. “It is clear that the government spent too much, borrowed too much…”, he mentioned Sunday.

Compared to the size of its economy, Canada remains one of the least indebted of the industrialized countries. The deficit has swelled this year with the aid provided to individuals and to businesses because of the COVID-19. The economic downturn has also reduced the revenues derived by the federal government.

In addition, the mp Poilievre believes that Mr. Trudeau will have to give precise figures in its presentation of economic and, especially, justify the quality of its expenditure.

In recent days, the prime minister had to withdraw after having offered $ 900 million to the organization STATES for the management of the Scholarship program, canadian volunteer student. The conservatives have been very proud of having exposed the links between the group and the family of Justin Trudeau, but they fear other scandals in the future.

Help people return to work

Mr. Poilievre and his colleague responsible for SMES, James Cumming, reported, Sunday, that the federal government punished the people who tried to return to work.

If they are of the opinion that the Provision of canadian emergency (PCU) has been a good move, meps believe that this measure slows down the return to work since the providers do remove them as soon as they earn more than$ 1000 per month.

“The conservatives believe that the compensation should be an incentive to work and not the contrary. This is why we offer the Bonus to return to work, a supplement to the PCU, which will be progressively eliminated for workers who earn 1000$ to 5000$ per month while businesses reopened”, revealed the representatives of the opposition press.

“Under our plan, Canadians who have lost their jobs for reasons beyond their control during the pandemic, and that are currently affecting the PCU will continue to receive the full amount of$ 2000,” they said.

The Trudeau government has insisted that the exercise Wednesday is to give a portrait of the economy and of public finances and not to an economic update, with forecasts of specific expenses. The government believes that, because of the COVID-19, it is impossible to make forecasts too sharp because it is a crisis never before seen whose trajectory is difficult to predict.

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