The containment is finished… or almost

Le confinement est fini... ou presque

Sarah Daoust-Braun and
Jean-François Gibeault

There it is ! The last economic sectors that are closed to cause the COVID-19 can now resume their activities with the exception of major events, summer camps and combat sports. So you can go back to the bar with your friends, go to the amusement park with the family or even bet a few dollars at the casino, with the rules of detachment from circumstance. This is also the time of the stimulus to professional sports, but you will need, however, to encourage your favorites in front of your tv since the return to the game will be behind closed doors, without the presence of spectators. Here is a summary of the last great announcement of déconfinement before the summer holidays.

The rules of estrangement continues

Canada day

A few thousand people participated in the traditional parade of Canada day in Montreal, on July 1, 2019.

The image of the fête nationale du Québec, the large gatherings for the celebration of Canada may not take place. Some promoters, however, have the green light from the government for the fireworks at a distance, or musical performance the travelling, but the distance of 2 metres must be respected and people are encouraged to take advantage of these activities to their home. Sponsors should not organize events that bring together spectators in a defined site.

Status quo at home

The limit for the gatherings at the house, both outside and inside, does not change. When you invite friends or family, the distance of 2 meters and a maximum of 10 people from 3 households continue to apply.

Where should you respect the limit of 50 people ?

The church of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, Montreal was on Thursday, the rules in force at the input.

The last measures of déconfinement does not mean that the limit of 50 people in the same place is no longer applicable. But we understand that more than 50 people will be able to find at the same time, for example on the huge site of The Round. They will, however, continue to adhere to measures of distance. The government could also announce the increase of the limit from 50 to 250 people maximum during gatherings from the month of July. The limit of 50 persons continues to apply in particular to the activities and locations of the following :

  •  The courtrooms
  •  The cinema
  • The show rooms
  • Rooms rented
  • The community halls
  • Places of worship
  • The assistance of a production or a filming audiovisual interior
  • The assistance of a recording of the show inside
  • The assistance of a workout or sports event, amateur inside

Shopping centers and department stores do not have to comply with these instructions, but must follow rules, such as the distancing, the one-way traffic and the limit on the number of people.

This opens

Water parks and amusement parks

The Round of Montreal.

There will be no maximum number of visitors, but the rule of 2 metres must be adhered to at all times. The food courts will apply the same requirements as those in the restaurants.


The Bota Bota in Old Montreal.

The rule of 2 meters must again be respected. Health measures must also be implemented, such as measures to reduce the risks associated with gatherings, for example, regularly disinfect the space and manage the movement of people.

Tourist accommodation establishments

The Village Valcartier Quebec.

This includes lodgings, including bed and breakfast, youth hostels, holiday resorts and other types of facilities, such as yurts, igloos, bubbles, domes, accommodation, spiritual, etc, In this type of establishment, the kitchens will be closed. In addition, the dormitory can accommodate a maximum of 10 people from 3 households, with a distance of 2 meters.


The Buvette Chez Simone.

The customers should be sitting. It will not be possible to dance. The same obligations as those of the catering sector will also be applied. For example, members of staff should wear a mask and eye protection when they can’t be in 2 metres, and the plexiglas should be installed to the pos system at the bar when the distancing is not possible. Customers who are not of the same household will also be held at 2 metres the one from the other.

If it is a bar show, the same requirements concerning the alienation must be put in place. If it is a bar with a pool table, guests who play will not have to be sitting, but will have to find 2 meters of one another. The equipment must also be cleaned regularly, and customers will be able to wash their hands often.

Casinos and gaming houses

The general rules (sanitary measures, to decrease the size of the gatherings) apply as for the other sectors.

Professional Sports

The Montreal Grand Prix.

Professional sports should be practiced behind closed doors, without an audience, and this, inside as well as outside. This means that the Montreal canadiens could play at the Bell Centre, but in front of the bleachers empty. An F1 Grand Prix would also be held on the island Notre-Dame, but with only marmots as spectators. The public health considers that the risks of contamination are important if the matches are played in front of crowds, where there are often many contacts and travel.

What remains closed

Combat Sports

Both participants in a combat sport are almost always within 2 meters of one another. That is why the government does not yet allow for the déconfinement sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts.

Holiday Camps

According to the public health, the promiscuity of summer camps with overnight stay does not meet the distancing necessary. Only the summer camps specialized for people with a disability may be open this summer.

Festivals and major events

This type of activity represents a high risk of transmission of the sars coronavirus due to the large number of people involved. For the time being, the deposit continues to be the same ; the large gatherings and festivals are being cancelled, and this, until August 31.

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