The contestant’s “X-factor” confused Danilko: what shocked Verka Serduchka

Выступление участника "Х-фактора" смутило Данилко: что шокировало Верку Сердючку

Danilko, photos

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The participant of popular musical show “X factor” shocked the famous Andrey Danilko. Therefore, after the judges missed the girl in the second phase of the show, she broke the rules and spoke again.

As noted, during the second phase the participants had to perform a song that they took from the General list. However, not all so is simple – to prepare the rooms were for just one night. So, in the last issue, the judges sent home contestant Pauline Chiusi. However, the girl did not agree with this decision and went VA-Bank: contrary to the rules, she secretly spent the night behind the scenes, preparing a song for the second test.

Выступление участника "Х-фактора" смутило Данилко: что шокировало Верку Сердючку

Pauline Chiusi, photos of STB

“I have to do something that perhaps will change your mind,” said Chiusi for jury members.

Therefore, this insistence Polina convinced Andrei Danilko, and he was persuaded judges to hear the girl again.

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“I like your desire to be on the project. Because many participants do not. I once even wanted to return one member, which I liked, and as the wind blew. So I would ask my colleagues to give you a chance,” – said Danilko

We will remind, Danilko suddenly became bad in the eyes of the public: “Pale and speechless”.

As reported Know. ua star “Fortress” Mishina lit on the floor of “Dancing with the stars” under Verka Serduchka.

Also Znayu wrote that the band ripped the stage of the “X-factor” provocation year, Kamensky is seen for the first time.

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