The continuation of the series “Fortress”: the creators of the film pleased fans of dramatic stories

Продолжение сериала "Крепостная": создатели фильма порадовали поклонников драматической истории

today, 07:22

Ukrncora fans of the TV series “Fortress” can rejoice — the film creators are preparing a sequel. For this audience reported to STB, officially confirming the information to which they have been waiting for.

Managing Director of TV channel Liudmyla Semchuk noted that now work is continuing on the script for the next 48 series, and then will be casting for new characters.

The premiere of the continuation of the series that managed to catch the fancy of many viewers, is scheduled for 2021.

Продолжение сериала "Крепостная": создатели фильма порадовали поклонников драматической истории

Recall that the first two seasons of “the Fortress” was shown in the spring and autumn of this year. The film was a huge success – series “Fortress” became the leader of TV viewing for the entire period of the show.

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And after the screens out the final episode of the second season, the fans are arranged in a network of a flash mob #iadonisi, requiring the creators of the film do not kill the main character of the show of Andrey Zhadan.

fulfill this craving of the audience, the creators of the series, time will tell.

Продолжение сериала "Крепостная": создатели фильма порадовали поклонников драматической истории

And yet the series is about forbidden love and the path to freedom wins the audience and other countries. The rights to show “Land” has already acquired Poland, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Kazakhstan. The story of the enslaved girls Ekaterina Verbitskaya caused a sensation in Poland, and now Polish audience also looks forward to continuing the series.

We will remind, fans of the TV series “Fortress” need to shoot a new season

As reported by the portal Know.ia, the main character of “Fortress” told about the horrors that took place on set.

Also Know As.ia wrote the star of “the Fortress” Sahaidachny told about the pregnancy, which was concealed until the birth

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