The controversial “Miss Ukraine” Margarita Pasha boasted lush neckline: “a Time for new opportunities”

Скандальная "Мисс Украина" Маргарита Паша похвасталась пышным декольте: "Время новых возможностей"

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today, 08:23

24-year-old model Margarita Pasha in 2019 became “Miss Ukraine” and represented the country at the international beauty contest, although not brought home the crown. During the preparation for the world competition, she managed to lead for the Russian language and expressions of the occupied Crimea, which, according to her, “belongs to all people.” Margarita Pasha – active user of Instagram, which often pleases the audience with bright posts.

So, this time the beauty has shown an unusual picture, which appeared in a white manner. Her beautiful long white jacket, under which, it seems, no underwear. This outfit highlighted a perfect figure of a gymnast, and highlighted her lush cleavage. hair Margarita dissolved, and on her face a light makeup. In the caption to the photo Pasha wrote: “All the restrictions in our head! (We create our own destiny, choose how we live). XXI century… a Time of new opportunities, unlimited choice, freedom of speech and realize the potential. You are already thinking about goals and plans for the coming year? Happy New year! PS. I flew on a well-deserved 2-week vacation.”

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