The controversy rises in the United States over the crackdown on the protesters

La polémique monte aux États-Unis sur la répression des manifestants

New York | The controversy rose on Friday in the United States in the face of the police repression of the protests against the racial inequalities, in search of a new breath after ten days of rallies that engulfed the country and the tributes the day before, George Floyd.

Several videos showing police interventions that are robust in the face of peaceful protesters have emerged in recent days.

The latest, released Thursday evening, shows a protester firmly pushed away by a police officer while he is alone to face dozens of them in the city of Buffalo, in the extreme north of the State of New York.

We see the man, aged 75 years, falling backwards, his head hitting heavily on the ground, and person for him immediate relief.

A first official press release said the protester, who was bleeding profusely and seemed to have lost consciousness, had “tripped and fell”.

Before the outrage caused by this reaction, the two police officers involved in the incident have been suspended, and the governor of the State of New York Andrew Cuomo called Friday to what they are fired.

The mayor of New York Bill de Blasio was also booed on Thursday by thousands of people at a ceremony for George Floyd in Brooklyn for not being convicted of a charge of the police intervened the night before against the demonstrators, who does not commit any violence.

In an editorial, the New York Times calls the mayor, who imposed a curfew for a week on Tuesday after scenes of looting in the heart of Manhattan, to “open their eyes” and stop insisting that the police was evidence of a great “restraint”, as he reiterated Thursday.

At the other end of the country, in the State of Washington, the mayor of Tacoma has asked for the sacking of police officers involved in the death of a black man on 3 march, following the release of a new video seemingly showing them in the process of struggling mightily on the man, and tackled to the ground at the edge of the road.

In Indianapolis, the Midwest, police are investigating after the publication of another video showing police officers outgoing police batons and pepper spray during the arrest of a protester on Sunday.

In the capital, Washington, where police had violently dispersed on Monday, a peaceful demonstration near the White House, mayor Muriel Bowser called on Friday Donald Trump to withdraw the federal forces deployed in her daughter and makes paint in all capital letters, the slogan “Black Lives Matter” (The lives of black matter) on an artery leading to the seat of the executive american.

The minister of Justice, William Barr acknowledged Thursday that there were problems, “long date” in the way the american police treated the black minority, but he also defended vigorously the action of the forces of the order after what it described as a “crescendo” of violence in Washington last weekend.

“George is watching us from up there”

These recent examples of police violence can only add to the movement of a magnitude that has shaken the United States since the death of George Floyd, an African-American 46-year-old, during his arrest on may 25 in Minneapolis.

Even some of the claims of the protesters were finally heard: the white policeman who has supported for nearly nine minutes, his knee on the neck of George Floyd was convicted Wednesday of voluntary manslaughter and not involuntary – and the other three agents on charges of complicity.

After ten days of protests in around 150 u.s. cities, which have met with a wide response abroad, many rallies were again expected Friday, including New York, and many wondered on the extent that they would take this weekend.

The looting occurred at the beginning of the movement in several cities were arrested, and the events of the last two days have taken place globally in the quiet.

Several cities, including Washington, Seattle and Los Angeles, have now lifted their curfew, but not New York, where he will be held until Sunday evening.

Donald Trump, who never ceases to call to restore public order, has called again on Friday the States which have not done so, such as New York, to call in reinforcement in the national Guard.

But five months away from the presidential election, it was linked in a surprising way, the events to his hopes of economic recovery, after a surprise drop in unemployment in may.

“I hope that George (Floyd) looks at us from up there thinking that what happens in the country is grandiose. This is a great day for him, it is a great day for the whole world,” said the american president.

A big event is looming already for the end of August in Washington: at a ceremony in the memory of George Floyd Thursday in Minneapolis, the reverend Al Sharpton has called to parade in the capital on the day-anniversary of the “march on Washington” led by Martin Luther King on August 28, 1963.

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