The coronavirus continues to spread strongly in Brazil

Le coronavirus continue de se répandre fortement au Brésil

RIO DE JANEIRO | The pandemic coronavirus continues to spread strongly in Brazil, where the government says, however, that the situation is under control, and the déconfinement is proceeding steadily in most States.

On Wednesday night, the last balance-sheet daily official of the ministry of Health was reporting figures close to the peak of the dead and contamination is confirmed, with 1269 deaths and 32 of 188 additional cases during the past 24 hours.

Second is the most affected country, behind the United States, Brazil deplores the total 46 510 deaths, according to the data, which could be very far from reality, in the absence of massive campaigns of tests.

The total contamination (more than 955 000) is expected to reach the million before the end of the week, in this country of 212 million people. The day before, a new record of contamination had been beaten, with 34 918 new cases confirmed in 24 hours.

This table of death, which means that a Brazilian dies almost every minute of the COVID-19 has not prevented the general Walter Braga Netto, head of the government, display the day before his optimism.

“We solidarisons with the bereaved families, the crisis is there, but it is managed”, he assured during a videoconference organized by the Merchants association of Rio de Janeiro.

It has notably highlighted the fact that in view of its large population, the rate of 212 deaths per million inhabitants of Brazil remained much lower than that of countries such as the United Kingdom (620) or Spain (580).

In Rio, the business resumption plan is entered on Wednesday in its second phase, with the re-opening of some shops, but also the authorization of the resumption of the championship, local football, with a first game already scheduled for Thursday.

In the State of Rio, where more than 8000 people have died of Covid-19, if the situation improves in the capital, it continues to be a concern in other cities, particularly in the interior.

This pattern is replicated in most of the States of Brazil, including Sao Paulo, the most populous and most affected of the country, which broke Wednesday, a new record of deaths recorded in 24 hours, 389, for a total of 11 521.

The virus continues to wreak havoc in the poor regions of the north-east, where the governors of the States are sometimes forced to harden and the containment measures they had planned to relax.

This is the case, for example, of the Rio Grande do Norte, which has deferred to June 24, re-open gradually shops scheduled for this Wednesday, due to the occupancy of 99 % of the icu beds.

The situation has however improved in Manaus, where she was a nightmare a few weeks ago.

The mass grave opened in the main local cemetery is no longer used since Wednesday, the number of body to bury being income to the average prior to the pandemic, thirty per day, against a hundred in April.

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