The coronavirus reappeared in New Zealand after 25 days of respite

Le coronavirus ressurgit en Nouvelle-Zélande après 25 jours de répit

Wellington | New Zealand reported on Tuesday two new cases of coronavirus, which puts an end to a period of 25 days without any new infection, have announced the health authorities.

These two new people carriers of the disease Covid-19 are recently arrived in the United Kingdom, said the ministry of Health, who stated that they “are bound”.

Only nationals of new zealand and their families are allowed to enter the archipelago, with some exceptions such as people with professional reasons or humanitarian.

All the world is subject to a quatorzaine to its arrival on the territory.

The archipelago of the South Pacific, which has a population of five million inhabitants, counted 1 154 confirmed cases and 22 deaths.

Last week, he declared, no longer having the event active and all national restrictions had been lifted, including measures of social distancing and restrictions on the number of people that can gather.

The First minister Jacinda Ardern explained on Monday that she had not declared the country free of the virus because “there will be new cases in the future”.

“Of course, our hope and our expectation is that at the border… If they have been placed in quarantine, it is very different than having it in the population,” she said to the journalists.

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