The corridor Turcot Champlain in avoid at the end of the week

Le corridor Turcot–Samuel-De Champlain à éviter en fin de semaine

The corridor between the Turcot interchange and the bridge Samuel-De Champlain is to avoid end of the week.

Highway 10 and 15

The corridor formed by highway 10 West and a-15 North will be closed between highway 30 and the de La Vérendrye boulevard Friday 23 p.m. to Monday 5 a.m. due to work on the REM.

Motorists are asked to pass the river by the Victoria bridge or the Jacques-Cartier bridge to reach the island of Montreal.

The traffic on the highway a-10 West will be permitted for the residents of the island of the Sisters, so that they can join the boulevard Gaétan-Laberge.

For those coming from the Bonaventure expressway and who want to go in the direction of the highway 15 North, route deviation passes through the boulevard Gaétan-Laberge, the rue Gilberte-Burned, Wellington street, Church street and the de La Vérendrye boulevard.

The service road of highway 10 West between highway 30 and Taschereau boulevard will also be closed.

The alternate route advised pass by the boulevard Chevrier, on the service road of interstate-30 West, take the exit for the boulevards of the District, Leduc and Lapinière. For the users from highway 30 Is the deviation passes through the exit 69 — Grand-Allée.

Turcot Interchange

Friday 23 p.m. to Monday 5 a.m., the highway 15 North will be closed in the Turcot interchange to the boulevard Édouard-Montpetit, with the ramp from route 136 West.

The recommended detour is to take the ramp for highway 20 West to exit 60 for Hwy 13 North, then exit 4 for hwy 520 East, hwy 40 East and finally the output 70 for Autoroute 15 North.

The access ramp to highway 20 East to highway 15 North is closed de facto.

Motorists are invited to make a u-turn for exit 3-Guy street route 136 and the boulevard René-Lévesque, then take the detour main.

The junction between highway 15 South and the route 136 will be closed from Friday 22 until Monday 5 am.

It will take the ramp for highway 20 West and make a u-turn at exit 65-boulevard Angrignon.

The access ramp to highway 20 East to highway 15 South will also be closed from Friday 22h.

To take the bridge Samuel-De Champlaion, the vehicles will have to pass through the junction for the route136, then exit 4-de la Montagne street, and then take the rue Saint-Jacques, boulevard Robert-Bourassa and autoroute 10 East.


The Bonaventure expressway will be closed in the westbound direction at the height of the Victoria bridge, between the output 2 and the following entry from Friday 23 to Monday 5am.

The detour will go through the path of the Mills.

Honoré-Mercier Bridge

From Saturday 2 to Monday 5 am, the Honoré-Mercier bridge will be closed in the direction of Kahnawake. The movement will be in the opposite direction on the second deck of the bridge, with one lane for each direction.

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