The cost is impressive: how much Alina Grosu cost wedding

Ukrainian singer revealed the details of a wedding in Italy

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Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu frankly told “Sravana the way” about your man. Recall “Little bee”, now in its 24th year, this summer she got married. Luxury wedding singer and her choice – a 25-year-old businessman Alexander Komkov has played in Italy for a luxurious ancient Villa in Verona. Among the invited guests was a stage godmother Alina Irina Bilyk, who came in the company of her ex-lover Dima Kolyadenko and the eldest son of Gleb with the bride.

By the way, gorgeous the wedding was in jeopardy. After all, the plane, which was flying the master of ceremonies, which was to paint the newlyweds, late for three hours! It almost ruined the ceremony and came to the aid of a good friend of the family Gros – Pavel Zibrov, who was also among the invited guests with his wife Marina.

“Mom walks with his father and says, “Pavel, I beg you, sign beautiful,” – says Alina. What Ukrainian actor replied: “I never did!”.

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The wedding in Verona was out in two days. And it cost the parents Grosso in 100 000 euros! But Alexander gave the newborn family as a wedding gift of a luxury apartment.

“Three rooms. Two children’s rooms already. Even more turns. Two children’s room, our room, living room, kitchen and bath-toilet, well and a corridor”, – said the singer.

Two bedrooms in the apartment – not in vain. The couple are already planning the addition to the family: “We do want three kids. Well, at least two definitely do. He is a good father (husband of Alina Grosu, Alexander – Ed.) – 100%. Because his all the kids love”.

“I absolutely clearly understand, the sooner they appear, the better. And young parents for the children is great. And I know that our family can give the children happiness,” admitted husband Grosu, Alexander.

Earlier, the singer Alina Grosu, presented the video for the new song “Invincible”. Note that the artist has dedicated the single to her husband Alexander.

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Стоимость впечатляет: во сколько Алине Гросу обошлась свадьба

Стоимость впечатляет: во сколько Алине Гросу обошлась свадьба

Стоимость впечатляет: во сколько Алине Гросу обошлась свадьба


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