The Couillard government wants to postpone the school elections to 2020

Quebec plans to postpone school elections until 2020, which would at the same time allow for a reflection on the introduction of an electronic vote.

“There is a discussion going on with all the political parties. Election-related laws are traditionally passed unanimously in the National Assembly. Given the proximity to the provincial vote, but especially with the intention of several parliamentarians and school boards to want to think about an electronic voting method that could encourage participation in elections, “said Education Minister Sébastien Proulx, Thursday.

All parties in the National Assembly would have been consulted by the Minister, he confirms, stating that only Quebec solidaire had not sent a response for the moment. A consensus would be possible on the postponement of the school vote, added Mr. Proulx.

“I have a proposal on the table to postpone the elections to 2020 so that we can, during this time, mandate the Chief Electoral Officer to propose an electronic voting method,” he said. .

The next school vote was scheduled for November, just one month after the end of the provincial election on October 1.

The minister said that a school election costs about $ 13 million and that switching to an electronic voting system would, among other things, lead to savings, but would especially encourage participation, he says.

A few months ago the Federation of School Boards (FCSQ) was campaigning to postpone the vote, it is confirmed. The FCSQ shared its “discomfort” with the fact that the vote scheduled for November is just after the provincial election.

The school boards have also adopted in December a resolution in favor of the transition to electronic voting.

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