The counter-example american

Le contre-exemple américain

This weekend at Texas, the last words of a man of 30 years reached the COVID19 have been : “I thought that the COVID-19 was a hoax “. Donald Trump has just finally deciding to wear a mask. Too late. The United States is the perfect counter-example of the fight to the COVID19.

The stupidity of tens of millions of Americans and their leaders, primarily republicans, will be very expensive in the United States, and by extension, to the rest of the world.

All governments are supposed to have seen that it was necessary to flatten the curve of the contagion, to avoid the health systems creak and that a multitude of patients die. But not in the United States.

Mentality fool and a racist

It is that health care is a commodity like any other. A lot of Americans rich and the racists do not see why they should pay for the health care of others.

Behind this mentality fool hides the deep belief that individual rights should always trump collective rights.

Besides, Trump continued to hit on the nail, accusing his opponents of being communists and radicals. This would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

But the pandemic is overtaking Trump.

For example, Trump wants the schools re-opened their doors as early as September. With the rate of contagion of the current, which are among the highest in the world, to open schools, endangers the lives of the parents and school staff.

Trump does not care. He threatens to cut off funding to schools that do will re-open no.

Except that the families bereaved or affected by the disease will not be very inclined to vote for republicans.

With a bit of generosity and with containment, better enforced, economic activity could restart as early as the month of August across the country.

Economy slowed

This is not what will happen. The u.s. economy will take longer than others to get out of the crisis. Exports will fall, foreigners will not want to enter the United States, which will impact on tourism, higher education and research. By training effect, real estate is a risk of falling, therefore, the construction, and so on. Only a proven treatment, an effective vaccine or the natural end of the epidemic will stop the plunge.

As the United States are the first importing market in the world, the slowdown of the u.s. economy will have a negative impact on the economies that are exporting, in the first place on those of Quebec and Canada.

If there is one thing that we should remember the counter-example of the United States, it is not to be complacent, do not hesitate to reapply the containment measures as soon as people behave stupidly, and the contagion increases. In this case, the bars of Quebec should probably be closed for the next few weeks.

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