The couple argues in Béziers, she throws him out with her snakes

The couple argues in Béziers, she throws him out with her snakes

Dans des boîtes remplies de serpents à l'Iranget, un quartier de Bézoers. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

The decision was radical, on the evening of Tuesday 25 to Wednesday 26. IN fact, a woman threw her companion into the street with his snakes which remained for a while in boxes, in a building at l’Iranget in Béziers.

It is very likely that the neighbors were very scared this Tuesday evening, in the Iranget district, in Béziers. In fact, boxes had been left on the landing of one of the buildings in the area. So far so good! But with very particular content to say the least. In fact, 26 snakes were held there, including a boa approximately 2.5 m long. Enough to scare everyone and the police will be immediately notified.

Snakes in the hallway

It all starts after an argument between a couple. Screams, screams, and then nothing. A slamming door and a little noise. A moment later a neighbor comes out of his home and discovers strange boxes in the hallway. He approaches and it turns out to be snakes sleeping. Panic on board. We can imagine. The authorities have been notified. And we need to have explanations quickly and above all know the origin of these somewhat special animals.

The owner capable of holding them

Finally, the owner was found and interviewed in the premises of the Béziers police station while the reptiles had been put in a safe place. He is able to explain himself. To confirm that he is in possession of all the documents authorizing him to keep snakes, but also and above all that they are all identified and chipped. All the animals have been returned to him, it is up to him to find somewhere to stay and to provide the animals with a safe place where they will not frighten anyone.

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