The court arrested the property of the companies Kolomoisky

Суд арестовал имущество предприятий Коломойского

The first attempt in 2017 was unsuccessful.

The Pechersky district court of Kiev at the request of the Prosecutor General’s office seized the property “DneprAzot”, Marganets GOK, Ordzhonikidze mining and processing plant and the Nikopol Ferroalloy plant. They are all linked with the former owners of PrivatBank.

As transfers the Internet edition of the Chronicle.the info, reported by citing the court records.

The Prosecutor General’s office is investigating the case upon a taking officials of PrivatBank of the public funds allocated as stabilization loans and refinancing worth more than 19.7 billion hryvnia, and lending for the Bank in advance unprofitable conditions of legal entities with signs of fictitiousness. As a result, the state represented by the Ministry of Finance in order to avoid destabilization of the financial market was forced at the expense of budget funds in the amount of 116 billion hryvnia to carry out nationalization of PrivatBank.

According to investigators, officers of the Bank in 2014 issued 42 loans to business entities controlled by the group “Privat”, the security of property rights to the product in amounts from 18 to 73 million dollars.

In turn, they have signed agreements for 100% payment and transferring money to accounts of non-residents Teamtrend limited, Trade point limited agro, Collyer limited, Rossyan investing corp, Zao ukrtransitservice ltd, Milbert ventures i nc. The purpose of the transactions was allegedly receiving goods, but their delivery did not take place.

Money under the agreements had not been returned and the property rights to uncollected goods, disposal of PrivatBank have not guaranteed repayment of loans.

In this case the court arrested the property of these enterprises: electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, dump cars, platforms, gondola cars, cars for pellets, tank-owned enterprises. We are talking about the arrest of more than 1,300 items.

Most of the arrested property belongs to the “DneprAzot”.

Pechersky court has made the decision on arrest of property of these enterprises in 2017, but it has not entered into force.

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