“The COVID-19 is not eradicated” – Dr. Tam

«La COVID-19 n’est pas éradiquée» - Dre Tam

Quebec remains the leader in the country as the province with the most new cases of COVID-19, a disease that remains dangerous, according to the public health authorities.

In total, 115 619 people have been infected of the COVID-19 a coast-to-coast in Canada since the beginning of the health crisis, which 8923 who have unfortunately lost their battle against the disease.

Thursday in the early afternoon, a little more than 200 people had been reported as positive to the new coronavirus, of which 122 in Quebec, and less than a hundred in Ontario (89). Quebec remains the main focus in the country with 59 131 cases and 5673 deaths, including one announced Thursday.

In the neighbouring province, the authorities in ontario indicate that there has been a 39 075 people with the COVID-19 and 2772 losses of life since the beginning of the pandemic. On Thursday, the province confirmed 89 new cases and three deaths additional.

Recall that the two provinces have increased the rate of screening for several weeks (more than 27 000 tests in Ontario and more than 17,000 in Quebec).

In the course of the last week, 40 665 people on average have a test screening every day in Canada. To this day, 3 946 565 people have been able to be tested in laboratories in Canada.

Back in the classroom in Ontario

After the Quebec and British Columbia, which announced Wednesday that most of the students will return full-time in the classroom, in September, Ontario has also indicated Wednesday that students from kindergarten to grade 8 will return to the classroom five days per week.

The wearing of the mask will be compulsory from the 4th year, but recommended for the other (kindergarten to 3rd year).

On Thursday, the federal authorities of the public health have reiterated their call for caution. “Although Canada has managed to flatten the curve and to have some control over the epidemic, we cannot afford to relax our efforts,” said still Thursday, Dr. Theresa Tam, director-in-chief of the public health agency of Canada.

In this case, she noted, of the approximately 115 000 cases recorded officially in the country, 87% is restored.

“The COVID-19 is not eradicated, and the virus continues to spread in many parts of the world, stressed Dr. Tam. As long as the virus is not controlled everywhere, life may not return to normal anywhere.”

The situation in Canada:

Québec: 59 131 cases (5673)

Ontario: 38 986 cases (2772 death)

Alberta: 10 603 cases (190 deaths)

British Columbia: 3562 case (194 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 1268 cases (17 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 1067 cases (64 deaths)

Manitoba: 409 cases (8 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 266 cases (3 deaths)

New Brunswick: 170 cases (2 deaths)

Île-du-Prince-Édouard: 36 cases

Yukon territory: 14 cases

The North-West territories: 5 cases

Nunavut: 0 cases

Canadian returnees: 13 case

Total: 115 619 cases (8923 death)

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