The COVID-19 is-she’s killing the cities ?

La COVID-19 est-elle en train de tuer les villes ?

The COVID-19 is-she’s killing the cities ? Yes, in part. But often the cities propose a development based on the interests of a few lobbies that are influential rather than on the well-being of all citizens. The pandemic has exacerbated the problem.

Mass tourism is a good example.

The gaping hole left by the COVID-19 in the tourism industry has shown two things : 1) that a lot of cities around the world have become too dependent on mass tourism ; (2) without mass tourism, many cities have once again become peaceful.

However, the urban dwellers do not have to tolerate that their city behaves as a prostitute tourist or to be dispossessed of their city by tourists.

How can the city protect both the neighborhood life of its citizens and at the same time seek to expand the international tourist destinations in his territory ?

It is impossible.

Save the cities

It is necessary to choose between one or the other, all the more that in our time, the mass tourism has already invaded most of the major cities, with the disastrous results that we are able to more easily.

It is more than time for him to save the cities from mass tourism and give back to the city-dwellers the tranquillity to which they were entitled.

The solutions are simple. We need to stop subsidizing the industries of mass tourism and festivals of all kinds, taxing to the maximum the companies that profit from the mass tourism, to encourage them in the areas devastated by this tourism, the return of families and shops, limit the number of hotels and Airbnb, etc

Inconsistencies and leaks

Mass tourism is not only to kill the cities. The inconsistencies of local authorities and accentuate the flight of city dwellers to the suburbs.

For example, in Montreal, the multiplication anarchic biking trails, one-way or prohibitions of parking écœurent a good part of the middle classes, who think only of leaving the city and their housing, which, in any way, are often too small to accommodate the work at home, and family life.

The authorities of the city listen-they are the taxpayers who want more great accommodations ? No, on the contrary, in a logic of BS, they forbid in many districts the expansion by merger of accommodation.

Similarly, instead of facilitating the flow of traffic between neighborhoods, the City is impeding more and more the travel motor internal.

By doing this, small businesses roll less well because customers find it easier to buy products online.

However, the crisis of the COVID-19 has strengthened the online business.

Unfortunately, the city authorities seem to have difficulty understanding the new situation.

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