The COVID-19 may have after-effects, more long-term health of some patients

La COVID-19 peut avoir des séquelles à plus long terme sur la santé de certains patients

Just when you thought the understand the full extent of the damage that could cause the new coronavirus on the human body, scientists are not at the end of their sentence, in discovering that the COVID-19 could have long-term consequences on some patients.

The first cases have led the experts to believe that the breathing problems were the only consequence of the exposure to the virus. Then, neurological symptoms were observed: headache, dizziness, and loss of taste and smell. In the case more extreme, and when it attacks the blood, the virus can lead to thrombosis and stroke.

“We thought that it was a respiratory virus. Finally, it reaches the pancreas. It reaches the heart. It reaches the liver, the brain, kidneys, and other organs. We haven’t really done it at the beginning”, told the Reuters news agency Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist and director of the Scripps research institute, California.

In the long term

Even those who have beaten the disease could keep from the scars of their battle. The restoration would be a crucial step, according to Dr. Sadiya Khan, cardiologist at the health center, Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. Patients who have been in the intensive care or who have had to have the help of a respirator for weeks will need to work on their mobility and their strength.

“It can take up to seven days for each day spent in the hospital to regain that kind of strength, said Dr. Khan. It is even more hard with age, and you might not find your same level of functioning.”

This is also why doctors seek now to help patients who have not had symptoms requiring hospitalization, since some of them suffer for months after they have contracted the virus.

According to several experts, these long-term consequences can include persistent fatigue and a feeling of being short of breath. Experts still do not know how long these symptoms may persist. While the typical symptoms of the coronavirus usually disappear after two to three weeks, it is estimated that one in every ten patients fight the disease for a longer time.

According to Dr. Khan, there is a parallel between the COVID-19 and HIV, which causes AIDS. According to it, the emphasis was first placed on the dead, before studying the complications.


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