The COVID Alert application now out of service

COVID Alert app now out of service


The COVID Alert app put in place by Ottawa on July 31, 2020 during the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic was deactivated on Friday. 

“Although the pandemic is not over, the decision to decommission the COVID Alert app was made after discussions with provinces and territories on the ongoing evolution of public health programs,” Health Canada said via press release.

The gradual decrease in PCR tests performed to detect COVID-19 has led to fewer notifications of potential exposures to users, thus reducing the usefulness of the application.

< p>More than 6.9 million Canadians had downloaded the app, which tracked the spread of the virus, and nearly 57,000 users who had tested positive had used the app to report it.

“The public health situation in Canada has improved. The number of cases has decreased and hospitalization and death rates are down across the country,” said Health Canada, which continues to encourage vaccination against the virus.