The COVID blew up the price of the coke to Montreal

La COVID fait exploser le prix de la coke à Montréal

The pandemic of COVID-19 has resulted in a radical reduction in imports of drugs to the country and blew up the price of cocaine in Montreal.

Drug seizures by the Agency of Canada border services (CBSA) in its approximately 1,200 points of entry to the country during the months of march, April and may this year decreased by 68 % compared to the same period last year, learned The Newspaper.

Officers deployed to the u.s.-canada border, in airports, sorting centres for international mail and the ports of the country, have seized the drugs, with only 2613 times during these three months of a pandemic, compared to 8251 between march and may 2019.

This is less than the monthly average of 2750 that the CBSA has maintained last year, with a total of nearly 33 000 seizures of a coast-to-coast, nearly two and a half tons of narcotics in Quebec.

The organized crime in quebec has nevertheless found ways to supply of cocaine from Colombia or Peru ” but volume very low “, according to our information.

Soaring prices

As a result, the price of a kilo of cocaine has jumped by more than 40 % since march, and amounts currently to about $ 72,000 in the montreal market. Elsewhere in Quebec, we may require $ 75,000 a kilo.

For the past 20 years, the same brick of coke that was sold around 50 000 $, which is the price that had been set by the Hells Angels and the Rizzuto organization in the summer of 2000.

This increase extends to the price of a gram of cocaine, which has nearly doubled, from $ 80 up to $ 150, according to our information.

Our police sources insist on the fact that there is “no shortage” on the québec market.

“But the organized crime, which has been less inclined to take risks on imports, has played with the offer, creating an artificial increase in prices,” said one of them.

Business in slow motion

The police expect that this inflation on the drug market to continue at least until the fall, waiting to see how will the déconfinement. The Hells and the mafia, “are also affected” by the crisis of the COVID-19, according to our sources.

The CBSA has not reported publicly on any input of importance in the territory of québec during the spring of last year, or at the port of Montreal or Trudeau airport, where it was estimated that the number of travelers would drop by 80% between April and June 2020 compared to last year.

The Agency ensures that ” all the travellers and goods entering Canada are still subject to the same process of review and verification that prior to the pandemic […], including by air, road, maritime, rail and postal “.

Drug seizures down the country

march 2020 : 1234

march, 2019 : 3185

April 2020 : 637

April 2019 : 2009

may 2020 : 742

may 2019 : 3057


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