The creators of “Deadpool 2” I hope to be collected in world hire of a billion dollars

Создатели «Дэдпул 2» надеются собрать в мировом прокате миллиард долларов

This week, the Ukrainian rolling out just one new film. This rarely happens and suggests that the Prime Minister is doomed to success. So, we present a picture of the “Deadpool 2”. We will remind, the first part appeared in February 2016. On taking it spent 58 million dollars, and brought this film in world hire 783,1 million dollars. What is the budget of the second part, the creators of uncover not in a hurry. Took it off the American Director David Litch (“Atomic blonde”). The first “Deadpool” did Tim Miller. The main role in both works were played by Ryan Reynolds. He also acted as one of the producers.

Who is Deadpool? This is the hero of a popular comic book “X-Men”, created by Marvel studios. Reynolds first played the character in 2009 film “X-Men: Wolverine”. But his hero was on the sidelines. The plot revolves around a mutant named Wolverine, played in all films of the series “X-Men” Hugh Jackman. So “Deadpool” at the Hollywood classification — classical spin-offs. So call the films spun off from the popular TV series and kineticsof, in which one of the characters becomes the main character.

Deadpool — the nickname of a former special forces soldier Wade Wilson, who became a mercenary. He was diagnosed with cancer in the last stage. When Wilson was ready to accept the imminent death, he was asked to take part in a secret experiment. The guy agrees. It is subjected to horrific torture and turn into a mutant. Wade’s face is disfigured, but the guy not only recovered from cancer, and gained superpowers.

Deadpool differs from other Marvel superheroes? He is cynical, and his humor is peculiar, is he allowed to joke about anything, even the most Holy. At first glance, Deadpool is not a single positive traits. And it makes the character incredibly charming. Because of controversial jokes and obscene language (original language), sounding in both parts, in theaters it was rated age restriction 16+.

In the first part the main enemy of Deadpool was Ajax. He was tortured Wade. But with Ajax it was over. In the second part, Deadpool is faced with Caleb. This is another anti-hero created by Marvel. It was played by the famous actor Josh Brolin (Thanos in “Avengers: infinity War”). In an interview, Brolin hinted that he had signed a contract for three movies in the role of Caleb. This means that Dedpula we’ll have a lot of trouble.

Formally, the “Deadpool 2” is the 11th part of the “X-Men”. The previous ten had collected a total of 4 billion 998 million 800 thousand dollars. None of these films failed to cross the mark of one billion dollars. The creators of the second “Deadpool” I hope he breaks that tradition.

In the film, 12 songs, written by composer Tyler Bates. One of them takes Celine Dion. The clip Ashes took place on 3 may. To date, only on YouTube it has collected 19.5 million hits. Fans of Ryan Reynolds was delighted with his dance in high heels in the costume of Deadpool.

Both pieces were filmed by the Studio 20th Century Fox. It was she, until recently, owned the rights to “Deadpool”, “X-Men” and “Fantastic four”. In December 2017 appeared the rumors that Walt Disney buys 20th Century Fox with the specified rights. The deal actually took place. And now the future of the third “Deadpool” looks vague. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Walt Disney Bob iger said that he would like to make all the “X-Men”, including Deadpool, harmonious component of the “Marvel Universe”. We are talking about the rest of the DC super heroes — Batman, Iron man, Captain America, spider-Man, Black Panther and others. This means that Deadpool will lose his cynical charm as Walt Disney takes family movie. By the way, a few jokes from the second part already cut at the insistence of the producers.

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