The creators of “Game of thrones” called his favorite scene the final season of

It turns out that Benioff and Weiss any scene, which was shot not them

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Создатели "Игры престолов" назвали свою любимую сцену финального сезона

Scene from the TV series “Game of thrones”

Not long ago, David Benioff and Dan Weiss have signed a deal with Netflix and safely left HBO. However, he also remembered the period of work on the cult TV series “Game of thrones”. So, in a recent interview with Star Channel, the showrunners called the scene, which, in their opinion, was a success, but worked on it absolutely other people.

Watch the video about that “Game of thrones” will get a prequel:

The writers admitted his favorite moment of initiation of Brienne of Tarth in the series “a knight of the Seven Kingdoms.”

“Brienne has always been one of our favorite characters. The time of initiation of the knight Jamie Lannister is just awesome! That only is the face of Gwendoline Christie. I watched this scene, perhaps 400 times, and not once she didn’t leave me indifferent. I even shed a few tears, so I love this moment,” said Benioff.

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It should be noted that he wrote this episode Brian Cogman, and has set David Nutter. For Cogman “knight of the Seven Kingdoms” was the eleventh in succession he created a series for “Game of thrones”. In an interview with the screenwriter said that he wanted to pay tribute to Brienne.

“We wanted to surprise the audience. It was not a stilted ceremony on a cliff during sunset, and even the heroes in the room at first mistook it for a joke. However, they quickly realized that this was serious, that was a monumental moment, full of grace and beauty in the midst of a nightmare. The series title refers both to the Brienne and Jamie,” – said earlier Cogman.

For Gwendoline Christie the scene is also the most beloved:

Earlier, Sophie Turner shared his vision of the series finale of “Game of thrones”.

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Создатели "Игры престолов" назвали свою любимую сцену финального сезона

Создатели "Игры престолов" назвали свою любимую сцену финального сезона

Создатели "Игры престолов" назвали свою любимую сцену финального сезона


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