The Crown : a star of Harry Potter to replace Olivia Colman in season 5 ?

The Crown : une star d'Harry Potter pour remplacer Olivia Colman dans la saison 5 ?

The Crown : the Queen of England as embodied by a star of Harry Potter in season 5 ?

Less than a week after the launch of season 3 and then season 4 is already turned, it is not yet known whether The Crown – the series from Netflix, will have the right to a season 5. But after the rumor of the moment, the creators would have already found the successor of Olivia Colman for the role of The Queen of England by drawing the side of Harry Potter. Attention spoilers.

Season 3 of The Crown has just been posted on Netflix, but this is the season 5 of the series, which talk all the world today. The reason for this ? According to the Daily Mail, producers would have already found the successor of Olivia Colman for the role of Queen Elizabeth II.

A star of the Harry Potter Queen of England ?

Rest assured, the former star of Broadchurch will still be present in season 4, currently filming, but in the same way as with seasons 1 & 2 and 3 & 4, Peter Morgan (the creator) would like a new actress to embody this illustrious character in the rest of the series in order to stage a new period of his life.

Thus, according to the English newspaper, it is the actress Imelda Staunton who have signed up to wear the crown to the screen. Its name tells you maybe nothing, but its face should nevertheless be familiar, the actress is known for her role as Dolores Umbridge in the cinematographic saga , Harry Potter, and have been recently seen in the film Downton Abbey.

Netflix responds

A rumor that has surprised the whole world by his timing and that was eager to disprove the platform. When asked by TVLine, Netflix has especially entrusted to you : “We are in the process of turning the season 4 of The Crown, we have not yet commissioned new seasons. Therefore, all of the news surrounding the casting are pure speculations“.

Simple wooden language to not make shadow to the performance of Olivia Colman, or a true denial ? Appointment by 2021 to find out.

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