The Crown attacks the “good reputation” of Salvail

La Couronne s’attaque à la «bonne réputation» de Salvail

In full wave of denunciations that hits the Quebec, Éric Salvail is back at the palais de justice in Montreal Monday morning that the Crown wants to hear new witnesses against the host fallen in the course of his trial.

“[Eric Salvail], by his own testimony and without being prompted, put in the game its good reputation by attempting to demonstrate that it is not the “kind of person” who assaults people in the life,” one can read in the request for approval of counter-evidence filed by the prosecutor to Me, Amélie Rivard.

The Crown therefore seeks to add three stories, disturbing against the ex-moderator, that arise out of “a wave of denunciations spontaneous and unsolicited having followed the media coverage about the words” required by Salvail at his trial.

According to the lawsuit, the “good reputation” of the latter is a “central point” in his defense.


Éric Salvail is accused of sexual assault, harassment and sequestration that would have occurred in 1993. According to the lawsuit, Salvail, would have committed his crimes while working at Radio-Canada, as the victim alleged Donald Duguay.

In the new witnesses that the Crown wants to hear, they tell all have been subjected to gestures of a sexual nature on the part of Eric Salvail, either by comments of how recurrent or touching. They have described it as a person insistent.

One of them told the police that several events occurred over a long period of time.

The accused had tried to a moment of him to insert his tongue in the ear. Also, it would have been made to feel the buttocks or be followed into the elevator.

Another said being a grasp from behind, and Salvail would rub on him. He also felt his breath in her neck.

The latter indicated that the ex-leader had slipped his hand on her crack-of-buttock up to get to his testicles. After dépris of this embrace, Salvail, would have followed and would have dropped her pants, “showing off his penis, inviting him in the office of the researchers,” one can read.

A publication ban prevents identification. However, it is to be noted that the three did not want to lodge a complaint against Eric Salvail.


For its part, the lawyer of the former moderator, mr. Michel Massicotte, is opposed to these testimonies to be taken into account for the trial of his client.

According to him, the gestures that have been described by the three witnesses are not similar to that which would have been suffered by the victim in the folder, Donald Duguay, so that they should be disregarded. He also questioned the credibility of the new witnesses.

Recall that for the accused, the actions that are alleged against Mr. Duguay are “wacky”.

“I would not have hit this person, had testified Salvail. I have not harassed him. Not only I was not there, but most of all, I would not have attacked Donald Duguay. I’d be remembered.”

The motion is being debated today at the palais de justice of Montreal in front of the judge Alexandre Dalmau. The latter has not indicated when he would make his decision.

More details to come…

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