The Crown: Dominic West would be 'too handsome' to play Charles III

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The series The Crown, airing on Netflix, is causing a lot of controversy these days.  

The production, which slammed under criticism this week after dropping a typo in a city's name, is now under attack over one of its acting choices.

Viewers say comedian Dominic West is 'too handsome' to play Prince Charles (now Charles III).

The actor was invited on Tuesday to the show Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss this new season . 

“A lot of people say you're too hot to play Prince Charles and honestly, I think they're right,” said host Jimmy Kimmel.

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“I've heard worse as a review, thank you very much,” Dominic West replied.

Dominic West's son, Senan, plays Prince William.

This new chapter of The Crown looks at the stormy divorce between Princess Diana and Prince Charles. This period, dubbed “The Wales War” by the British media, had a strong impact on the monarchy. 

Several public figures, such as former Prime Minister John Major and actress Judi Dench, have claimed that this latest installment is “grossly unfair” and “hurtful”.

– With information from New York Post