The Crown-season 3 : the beginning of a new era always also royal

The Crown saison 3 : le début d'une nouvelle ère toujours aussi royale

The Crown season 3 : Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies

After almost two years of waiting, The Crown is (finally !) return ! On the occasion of the saint Elizabeth on Sunday 17 November, Netflix launches season 3 of its series the royal. PRBK was able to see the episodes that bring together a whole new cast. No, the series hasn’t lost its luster ! You are told what awaits you in this suite.

New faces, same quality

In order to tell the story as faithfully as possible the history of the queen Elisabeth II, the creator and writer of The Crown, Peter Morgan, has decided to split its series in six seasons with changes of actors every two years to reflect the age of the characters. The opening scene of season 3, available from this Sunday 17th November on Netflix, is a nod to this change : Elizabeth (now played by Olivia Colman) finds himself facing two portraits present on stamps, one showing a young (in the guise of Claire Foy) and the other representing the face of the second actress. While his advisor compares the two images that it is “identical“, the queen exclaimed : “there are great changes. But this is the life“. A way also of addressing the viewer who could be surprised by this change of casting.

However, as expected, there was no need to fear about these new arrivals. Oscar winner last February (for the role of a queen in The Favorite), Olivia Colman proves once again the breadth of his talent by taking over the role formerly held by Claire Foy. Tobias Menzies known talent thanks to his role in Outlander shines as well, and Helena Bonham Carter brings a new madness to the character of Margaret. The universe of The Crown also extends with the arrival of the character of the Prince Charles adult version but also of the Princess Anne. Camilla Parker Bowles (then called Camilla Shand) is also on the programme for several episodes that plunge us into conflicts between the Prince of Wales and his family.

The period of disorder for the United Kingdom and not that

Season 3 takes place between 1964 and 1977. Through its 10 episodes, it evokes a complicated period in the political life and the british economy. The series alternates between episodes chronicling important moments of british History (and the world) but also episodes more intimate focus on some characters. For example, an episode on Margaret, another on Charles, or even an episode devoted to Prince Philip. This balance, coupled with a staging that also always impeccable, make season 3 a suite is always exciting.

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