The culture will be from now on the meter

La culture se fera désormais au mètre

The older will recall that we sold formerly of the fabric to the rod “, which was the subject of several jokes.

The culture, it will be now with the meter in the metric system requires. Dr. Horacio and his merry accomplices of the CNESST (the standards Commission, equity, health and safety in the workplace, phew !) will be the directors of our live performances and our television series in the time of a pandemic.

They will be the “red guards of this new cultural revolution” we must make a rule to measure in a hand, stopwatch, and guide health in the other. That one is not mistaken, the task will not be easy, because the measures change frequently, and the guide also.

If the epidemiological situation is favourable, we did-we announced, on 15 July, ” small teams with stable, forming a microcosm (three or four players) can play at one meter distance without “PPE” (personal protective equipment) “. The technicians, artisans and any other person will have to remain at 2 metres distance, but will be required to wear PPE, adding gloves if possible.


For a cumulative period up to 15 minutes per day, the actors will be able to come within a meter of one another, without the COB. The relief does not allow any ” intimate contact “. Finished the batifolage under the covers, the kisses, the handshakes, the sockets of the spout nose to nose, and the blows of the fist on the mouth ! Enjoy carefully, the scenes crisp It is like that that I love you, because you don’t see similar before long.

This is not all. A record of the scenes “intimate” must be submitted to the CNESST. In advance, I guess. A red guard will be able to emerge at point-blank, to ensure that the rules have been rigorously applied. It will have the authority to stop production if it finds a violation.

As to the theatres and concerts, they will be from the 15 July, to accommodate 250 spectators on the condition that they are sitting at 1.5 m of distance one from the other. Unless it was a matter of people making a ” microcosm “, that is to say, who live under the same roof. As for the actors and musicians, re-read the rules above.

As you can see, our beloved minister of Culture and Communications, Nathalie Roy, was quite right to declare that “our artists must re-invent themselves” !


The result of my review of Tuesday, I received an avalanche of emails. Some pointed to (what I would have had to make in my review) that the latest editions of the Larousse accept the word ” re-open “, that the French Academy of my friend Dany Laferrière still refuses.

The majority wrote that the prime minister and dr. Arruda would have lots of words and phrases that are correct (such as ” çalà “, ” it’s going to be “, ” depending “, etc) before getting to the controversial ” re-open “, which criticizes still old ears purists like mine.

Finally, you would have guessed, some I thought to look for noise to mr. Legault rather than me take on Justin Trudeau for whom French is not without fault. But all wanted a change of name for the orderlies.

I bow to the Larousse and promise not to re-open (or reopen) this debate.

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