The customer end of the evening, is any less responsible

La clientèle de fin de soirée est moins responsable

The owners of resto-bars admit that the observance of the detachment physics is more difficult in this industry where the business model is based on the reconciliation of social, but they want to do everything to avoid the abuse that would lead to a new closure.

“We try to enforce the stuff, but it is difficult. Young people don’t care, ” admits Pierre-Yves Lapointe, co-owner of the two years 22 on the rue Saint-Joseph.

The one who started to open his resto-bar until 3 am in the morning and end of week believed that the experience was positive, but not the rest.

“My porter has had troubles. The more the time advances, the more the clientele is getting younger, and the more it is complicated, ” says Mr. Lapointe.

It seems that several are showing “outraged” when they are turned back. “It’s difficult, because our business model is based on the reconciliation of social, shows there.

More or less clients ?

The Griendel, on the rue Saint-Vallier, also of note is that there is a portion of the customer who wants the bars “violate” the rules in order to accommodate more people.

“There are some who find me naive and tell me that there are plenty of bars that do it,” says Martin Parrot, CEO of the microbrewery.

This latter makes the calculation that the vast majority of its customers appreciate that the health rules can be highlighted.

Of 120 seats, the Griendel to 45. “I would lose more clients if I don’t respect him the standards “, believes Mr. Parrot.

At the Pub du Parvis, the owners have not skimped on the plexiglas, which can be found around the bar and on almost all of the tables, and it seems that they have their effects.

“The people, it is reassuring, and maybe it makes them more responsible, because, here, we really don’t have problems “, says the director, Marie-Chrystelle Cheïkha.

Few complaints

It seems that there has been little spillover in Quebec city at the end of the week unlike some places, since the police of Quebec only very few complaints.

Only two calls of denunciation has been made, one on Saturday and another on Sunday.

Since mid-June, only five general findings of violation have been issued by the SPVQ, indicates the police officer Sandra Dion.

And, according to the bar owners of Quebec, there will be no slackening in the coming weeks, as few institutions have the means to close them again.

“It is not necessary that there be a second wave, otherwise it’s going to be the coup de grace for many,” analysis Philippe Desrosiers of the bar the Stainless steel, on the Grande Allée.

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