The CW showed a trailer for the sixth season of the TV series “the Flash”

The new season of “the Flash” starts October 8 this year

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Канал CW показал трейлер шестого сезона сериала "Флэш"

Scene from the TV series “the Flash”

The CW, who has previously called the date of the finals of their cult TV series, has released a trailer of the sixth season of the superhero series “the Flash”.

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In the movie the main character, his friends and family are getting ready to confront the “Crisis on Infinite earths”, a disaster that could destroy the universe. At the end of last season it became known that the hero will have to die in order to save everyone.

The new season of “the Flash” starts October 8 this year. The series is the longest running DC shows on CW.

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Note that the Executive producer of another superhero TV series “Arrow” Marc Guggenheim wrote on Twitter that began production crossover “Crisis on Infinite earths”. The crossover will meet the characters of the TV series “the Flash,” “Arrow”, “Supergirl”, “Batwoman” and “Legends of tomorrow”, and once also involved in other projects DC actors.

The show will be aired on CW on 9 December 2019.

We will remind, as we know, Tom Felton left the TV series “the Flash” in the 4th season.

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