The data stolen are a “Klondike for fraudsters

Michael Nguyen

The lists of stolen identities on the dark web is a gold mine for criminals and are now being used to defraud massively PKU, say experts.

“Fraudsters are so well developed and organized, this is no more “ti-counes”, but groups that have made it a business. We can mitigate the fraud, but there is nothing to stop them, ” explains Jean-Philippe Décarie-Mathieu, head of cyber security for

The scammers are able to take advantage easily of the Benefit the canadian emergency (PKU), thanks in large part to the personal information stolen over the years and which, in many cases, circulating on internet sites illegal.

Les données pillées sont un «Klondike» pour les fraudeurs

Photo courtoisieSteve Waterhouse
Expert cyber security

Thanks to data, they are thus pretending to be Canadians and receive the money in bank accounts they empty then.

“The tactics of the federal currently, it is dumping the problem by forward and say that we’ll see,” says Mr Décarie-Mathieu. Except that the “after” can be in really long time, it is the Klondike [gold rush] for the fraudsters. “

Letter of advice

To help prevent fraud, experts suggest that the government send a letter of notice to the beneficiaries of the PCU to prevent them as they receive them.

“This would be better than nothing, but people are going to say that it is normal to receive this letter and they will not do anything,” said Mr. Décarie-Mathieu, adding that in march, there has been an increase of 475 % from online fraud.

For the expert in cybersecurity, Steve Waterhouse, this kind of crime should serve as a “wake-up” for the population.

“There is a relationship between ease and security, people do not want to learn, says Mr Waterhouse. The only way to prevent [fraud], it is to monitor their business regularly and subscribe to a service such as Equifax, it adds a layer of oversight. “

The Canadian anti-fraud Centre (CAFC) confirmed that it had received 133 reports of Canadians, including 17 from Quebec, who say they are victims of identity theft used in the PCU.

The CAFC reminds us of the importance of reporting all frauds to the police and to the Canada revenue Agency.

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