The daughter of a scandalous Dobkin cynically boasted rest, while the Ukrainians consider a penny

Дочь скандального Добкина цинично похвасталась отдыхом, пока украинцы считают копейки

today, 06:36

The daughter of a famous Ukrainian politician, a pensioner, former mayor of Kharkiv Mikhail Dobkin Alla continues to flaunt in the network frames of the upscale resorts. Girl shows on the network the Ukrainians, who were swollen from starvation, as it might relax a child of exordia.

This became known thanks to new publications of Alla in the network Instagram.

It was here that the girl publicly stated the following:

I haven’t missed a single sunset in the Maldives.

every Evening at 17.45 I sat on the sand and watched..the incredible colors of the sky and water. How beautiful and harmonious it looks ❤I

When I came before here, we ignore nice.. now I can’t breathe this air and are trying to run in the memory of each event and the color of the ocean😍 ⠀

I don’t know, maybe I should have been born 200-400 years ago..when people were able to admire what is beautiful around. To admire the man’s soul, thoughts❤ this is all now admire the beautiful artwork of people, but not the internal component.

Everyone is in a hurry to live in this fear for other people’s opinion.. But I realized in my 26 years that life is very beautiful and lovely..if to look at it with an open mind and a sincere heart 🙏🏼 Your A💋 – she signed a new photo

We will remind, Alla shared in the social network a hot frame where posing in a seductive manner.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Alla decided to show off a slender body where you can notice quite a number of tattoos.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that Allah has removed itself from this angle to show her flat tummy and cleavage.

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