The daughter of René Simard refused a trade because of his mask

La fille de René Simard refusée dans un commerce à cause de son masque

Rosalie Taillefer-Simard, daughter of the singer, René Simard, was denied access to a hardware store Tuesday, because of his mask.

Suffering from deafness, the woman explains that the pandemic COVID-19 doesn’t favor the situation of hard of hearing people who have the habit of reading on the lips.

For the convenience of its interlocutors, Rosalie Taillefer-Simard is equipped with a mask with a part of blue flexible plastic.

Against all odds, the woman is made to show the door to a trade. Surprise, Ms. Taillefer-Simard had to return to his vehicle to grab another mask that she had on hand.

The latter told of his unfortunate experience in a video on his page Facebook that garnered nearly 115,000 views in just a few hours.

“I’d just like it to understand why these masks are not accepted in some shops. I would like to know more!”, lance the daughter of René Simard in her video, adding, in passing, that despite this bad experience, she continues to smile.

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