The day after doomsday: a trailer for “Terminator: Dark destiny”

There was also a poster of the film – the heroine of Linda Hamilton – Sarah Connor

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День после Судного дня: появился трейлер фильма "Терминатор: Темные судьбы"

“Terminator 6” /

In the network appeared the trailer for the sci-Fi Thriller “Terminator: Dark destiny”, which only recently were the details. Also already there are the first poster of the painting.

Watch the video that connects Arnold Schwarzenegger with Ukraine:

The first official teaser trailer for “Terminator: the Dark fate” published on the official YouTube channel Paramount Pictures.

The footage video shows how old Linda Hamilton makes a new main character robot from the liquid. But will they be able to defeat him in dalneyshem? “Welcome to the day after doomsday,” reads the video description.

The new poster can be seen how to look like Linda Hamilton (as Sarah Connor). In addition to Connor in the film also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalie Reyes, Gabriel Luna and Diego Boneta.

День после Судного дня: появился трейлер фильма "Терминатор: Темные судьбы"

“Terminator 6” / Poster

The producer of the film made by James Cameron, and the Director is Tim Miller, best known for “Dedpul”. This painting will be a continuation of the film “Terminator 2: judgment day.” Pending the release of the first trailer, says Collider. As previously stated the Director of the film to sosredotochitsya on the relationship between Linda and the Terminator.

We will remind, earlier there exclusive images from “Terminator: the Dark fate” (Terminator: Dark Fate), which depicts all six of the main characters of the new film.

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