The day after the explosion at the port of Sète, what is the situation at the Saipol industrial site ?

Condition of the injured person evacuated by helicopter, action of firefighters on site, impact on the environment and economic activity… we take stock the day after the fire.

After the fire which affected, Wednesday April 10, the esterification unit (production of biodiesel from vegetable oil) of At the Saipol factory in Sète, located at the entrance to the commercial port, the situation is now under control. A major surveillance system from the Sdis de l'Hérault firefighters remained mobilized on site during the night. It appears that the fire was brought under control by emergency services around 6 p.m. The site was under maintenance when the disaster broke out.

The injured person in intensive care in Montpellier

Representatives of the industrial site gave this Thursday, April 11 morning news of the employee who was seriously injured during the explosion followed by a fire: "The Saipol employee is still being cared for at the Montpellier hospital where he was placed in intensive care. His vital prognosis is not in jeopardy and we are carefully monitoring the evolution of his state of health.

Study of the impact on economic activity

As mentioned by the prefectural services on Wednesday evening, "samples from the air and soil were taken by the SDIS (Departmental D& ;#39;fire and rescue). The first results do not present any anomalies, and the complete analysis should be available within the day on the prefecture's website, indicates Saipol in its press release .

The day after the explosion at the port of Sète, what is the situation at the Saipol industrial site ?

This Thursday morning, firefighters were still on site. FREE NOON – Hélène Amiraux

And to add: "The study of the impact on the activity of Saipol is in progress course but the priority remains above all monitoring the state of health of the injured employee and managing the situation on site. This Thursday morning, several Fire trucks were still present on the scene. The police investigation must now begin.

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