The day I ate ice cream all day!

The day I ate ice cream all day day!


When my children were old enough to eat a cone, I made a pact with them. As the May long weekend begins, I declare our dairy season open. 

Since they were toddlers, I take them to eat small fruit sorbets (because healthier). Like any gaga parent, I have tons of photos of my kids smeared in melted sherbet (who find themselves sitting on the floor and often on top of me, a packet of wipes next to them trying in vain to save the mess).

< p>Another part of our pact to respect: we only take a very small scoop of sorbet, even if we have to pay full price, just to be able to go there more often! In the summer, we even go there sometimes every day of the week. We call this ritual “change the taste with a touch of sweet after our BBQ”. Sometimes we get loose. We order double scoops with toppings and extra coulis. And still today, it's leaking everywhere.

Let's be crazy, let's eat ice cream all day!

This year, we went to exploration. We decided to do the rounds of dairy bars. We wanted the total; and we had a lot more than that.

In the kingdom of creameries, there are types of ice cream that I did not know existed. The most divine is at Bouza. I can't get over it yet. A Syrian creamery renowned for its elastic ice cream. You read that right, springy, like cheese au gratin. After several questions, I understood that the secret of its elasticity would not be revealed so easily. Never mind!

Chez Bouza: Alex's number one, the Kunefe at Ashta ice cream, 1222 rue de Beauharnois Ouest.

Everything is made with fresh ingredients. And to taste this Syrian ice cream, you have to sprinkle pistachios on it. The classic is the Ashta – pistachios, the parfait that can be eaten on a cake covered with cheese in syrup. I have never had such a good dessert. I want it on my next birthday! We were also bowled over by the flavors of rose petals, the vegan cherry and my daughter, her, the Oreo.

Three ice creams from Bouza: Lotus, Snickers and Cherry.

The power of ice cream

Then, direction boulevard Saint-Laurent for two stops. First at Zetti's. I would have ordered everything! This is the place for frozen candies of your dreams. Guess who got the Oreo milkshake with a brownie cake on top? For my daughter ! I took the puffy waffle cone with vanilla ice cream, caramel and marshmallow. For my son, a tub of peach ice cream. The cornet waffle won the prize. With each bite, we exchanged our choices, not knowing where to turn, completely happy.

Chez Zetti’s: puffy waffle, peach ice cream and Brownie milkshake, 3839 boul. Saint Laurent.

A little further up, still on the Main, a final tasting at Gaufres et Glaces Plateau. More puffy waffles? Impossible to resist the Oreo one, you know for whom! And for my constant calorie-burning soccer player, two mamamia flavors: an (obviously) chocolate chip puffy waffle and a chocolate dipped cup waffle with lovely soft serve and rainbow cake decorations for me. With closing hours at midnight, next time it will be after a concert at Place des Festivals, a walk on the Main and a stop to swap late-night poutine for ice cream fofolle.

Chez Gaufres et Glaces: Chocolate and Oreo puffy waffles, chocolate-dipped cup waffle and ice cream with rainbow cake decorations, 4376 boul. Saint Laurent.