The day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the signs and what not to do in this day

Saint Nicholas is the patron Saint of sailors and all who in any way associated with the water element

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День Николая Чудотворца: приметы и что нельзя делать в этот день

May 22 – the Day of St. Nicholas

May 22, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Day of St. Nicholas. The holiday is celebrated twice a year, December 19 – St. Nicholas Day, and may 22 – Nicholas Spring (Nicholas).

The celebration is timed to the day of transfer of the Holy relics of Saint Nicholas in Bari, Italy located in Italy. In Orthodoxy, Saint Nicholas is the patron Saint of children, couples, soldiers, merchants, traders.

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Nicholas Spring: the story of the feast on may 22

By tradition the feast day pray to Saint Nicholas that he helped to grow a good crop, saved the crops from frost and heavy rains, and farmers were given the strength to overcome the difficult days of sowing.

Nicholas is also the patron Saint of sailors and all who in any way associated with the water element. That is why before 22 may not swim in the ponds. Each ship features an icon of the Saint. He pray to the elements became a cause of all sorts of troubles.

According to custom, the feast day to dusk mildew wash and walk upon it barefoot, to ailments receded. Girls wash drops of dew to preserve the beauty and youth, and the guys thanks to this ritual gain strength.

What not to do on Nicholas Spring 22 may

  • You cannot get a haircut on Nicholas.
  • On this day the ban was to take a pair of scissors.
  • Nicholas you can’t refuse anyone who asks you for help, otherwise for refusing to help the needy 7 years, the family will suffer poverty and distress.
  • On the day of St. Nicholas it is impossible to keep the debt, otherwise there will be financial luck all year. It is better to distribute the debt to the occasion.

Folk omens

  • If Nicholas is raining, it will be a rich harvest.
  • Frogs began to croak – a sign of what will be a rich harvest of oats.
  • Alder bloomed – it’s time to sow buckwheat.

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