The days of “grumpy”

It was the opposite impression from the outset, but the days are not alike all of them in containment.

I don’t know if it’s like that for you, but since the beginning, I’m leaving on great tips where I find my days so fulfilling, because of this that I display as a job, what I’m cooking for my girlfriend or the time I spend calling my family. I started the meditation.

And then, I break the nose on what I have dubbed a ” day cranky “. Just as I found my press review depressing, that I can see that my window washing from the day before has left some marks, unwelcome, or that one of my seedlings to die for I want to blow up everything around me.

Challenges of a pandemic

There are days COVID, also, those where my girlfriend or I have a small irritation to the throat, and there it is, one passes the day to take our temperature for 20 minutes. It usually goes the next day.

I presume it is like that for everyone and that a lot of people have reasons much more legitimate than me to be fretful or concerned for their health. Those who expose themselves to the disease in their work. Their relatives who live with them. The people who need to telecommute and who feel guilty leaving their children in front of screens. The people who no longer have employment. Those who live alone. Seniors who are isolated. We all have our challenges of a pandemic.

Not normal

I would like it that you keep in mind that what we experience is not normal and that we should not get used to it. We are made to see our world without constraint, to laugh with our colleagues at the lunch hour, to be able to separate our personal and professional lives, to hug the people in our arms.

Therefore, the days of ” grumpy “, I’m all for that. It may be those that allow us to live well the other, in fact.

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