The death of Michael Krug: investigators found a gun that could kill the singer

One of the gang members pointed to the place where is the murder weapon

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Смерть Михаила Круга: следователи нашли пистолет, из которого могли убить певца

Michael Krug

17 years after the resonant murder of the famous Russian singer Mikhail Krug Russian investigative Committee formally closed the case because the identity of the main perpetrators of the crime were established. They were members of a gang “the Tver wolves” Alexander Ageev Dmitry Veselov. Moreover, the Agency staff failed to find the supposed murder weapon.

Of all the mysteries of the death of the Queen of chanson Katya Ogonek see the video:

According to the investigative Committee of Russia, about the location of the main evidence of the crime said one of the gang members “the Tver wolves” Alexander Osipov. It turned out that the murder weapon was thrown into the swamp on the territory of the Tver region. Also law enforcement bodies managed to establish that Dmitry Veselov shot at the king of the chanson from a pistol TT. Michael Krug died from his injuries in hospital several hours after the attack. The murder of the artist became one of the most resonant Affairs.

It is worth noting that the killer be punished, but not in the framework of the law. Alexander Osipov admitted that avenged favorite artist back in the spring of 2003. Man shot Veselov in the woods, and after he got rid of his two pistols, after dismantling them to pieces.

The widow of the artist on his page on Instagram has commented on the closure of the case about the murder of ex-husband and thanked the investigative Committee for investigation.

“I want to thank the investigative Committee of the city of Tver and personally all those who over the last 17 years investigating the case. Tears in my eyes, Mike did not return, the case is closed and all those involved punished,” wrote Irina.

Recall that the widow of Michael Krug Irina has three children — eldest daughter, 24-year-old Marina from his first marriage and 21-year-old Misha from Michael Krug, who was born shortly before the tragic death of his father. After that Irina with family friend and author Vladimir Bocharova recorded several songs, started performing solo and has released six albums. And in 2013, the widow of the Circle gave birth to a son from her husband, businessman Sergei, whom she met in Tver after the tragic murder of ex-wife and four years later got married.

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