The death of Michael Krug: officially named the killer’s name

Investigators recovered a picture of the tragic death of the legend of chanson

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Смерть Михаила Круга: официально названо имя убийцы

Michael Krug

The investigative Committee of Russia has set the new details of loud murder of the stars of chanson Michael Krug, who was shot in his home in 2002.

Of all the mysteries of the death of the Queen of chanson Katya Ogonek see the video:

Because the killer’s name is officially established, the decision on termination of criminal proceedings and criminal prosecution. As indicated on the page of the investigative Committee of Russia, on 30 June 2002 in the singer’s house in Mammy got two robbers – gang members “the Tver wolves” Alexander Ageev Dmitry Veselov. This information was confirmed himself Ageev. The attackers did not plan to kill the artist, their main goal was robbery. But Michael suddenly came back to the house and caught the burglars red-handed. Resulting in a fun double-shot of the singer and also killed his dog.

According to the confession of Alexander Ageeva, the robbery was planned on the orders of crime boss, known by the nickname Scrap. The customer wanted Michael Circle after the robbery, appealed to him for help. That, in turn, began to help him and returned all the stolen things. Thus, the offender named Scrap would Circle his debt and make him give part of the royalties from live performances.

A year after the resonant murder of the gang “the Tver wolves” Alexander Osipov killed Veselov, thus to avenge the death of idol. Authority Lom who planned the robbery, died in 2006. As the customer of a robbery and the murderer of Mikhail Krug died, the investigative Committee closed the case.

Note that the widow of Michael Krug Irina has three children — the eldest daughter, 17-year-old Marina from his first marriage and 11-year-old Misha from Michael Krug, who was born shortly before the tragic death of his father. After that Irina with family friend and author Vladimir Bocharova recorded several songs, started performing solo and has released six albums. And in 2013, the widow of the Circle gave birth to a son from her husband, businessman Sergei, whom she met in Tver after the tragic murder of ex-wife and four years later got married.

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