The death of Nachalovo performed a miracle for her family: as an irreparable loss brings people together

Гибель Началовой совершила чудо для ее семьи: как невосполнимая утрата сближает людей

today, 10:41

The former spouse of the famous Russian singer Yulia Nachalova, who died in March 2019, Yevgeny Aldonin is now engaged in raising three children. It is known that the eldest daughter of Faith, the singer gave birth in 2006, and two other children were born in the second marriage of a football player with a woman named Olga. So, in October 2016, the wife gave birth to a son Artem, and in November of this year — a daughter Angelica.

According to Aldonin, he just adores his heirs and very attentive as the eldest daughter and younger children.

The athlete visited on the Youtube show “ОтцыFrovka”, where he spoke about how to cope with the role of parent. Eugene shared how he communicates with the eldest daughter, who after the death of her mother left to live with grandma and grandpa.

“My Faith began to see more of. Previously, was periodically taken out of school. Now constantly. It’s one thing to see during the holidays, and now every day. Much more communicate with her daughter. The child is like a sponge absorbing everything. Need to give it time. It will be less to feel lonely and abandoned”, — frankly said the athlete.

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