The debate resumes on the procedure for the work of the parliament

Le débat reprend sur la marche à suivre pour les travaux parlementaires

OTTAWA – The liberals of Justin Trudeau were presented on Monday their motion on the procedure to follow to ensure the functioning of the House of commons during the next few months.

The debate on the motion can therefore be started and the voting on it should take place in the next few days. The liberals are hoping to be able to count on the support of the ndp to adopt it.

“At this time, the negotiations continue and we will not support the motion without obtaining concrete commitments on paid sick leave and actions to [support] people with a disability”, however, has hammered the leader of the New democratic Party (NDP), Jagmeet Singh, a few hours before the filing of the motion.

At a press conference in front of the Curtain Cottage, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has published access to one of the two requests of the NDP.

“Nobody should have to choose between taking a sick leave or pay her bills. […] This is why the government is continuing its discussions with the provinces to ensure that when we are going to start the recovery, each person has ten days of sick leave paid per year”, he said.

Parliament hybrid

The motion of the liberal is that the House of commons sits as a committee of the whole, in a hybrid format. Thus, a small group of elected officials would be present in person and other members of parliament would attend the meetings by videoconference. Screens would be willing to the inside of the Room.

The government also proposes that topics other than those related to the COVID-19 can be addressed.

The formula provides that its meetings hybrids run Monday to Thursday, until 17 June. After that, the House could sit for a few days during the summer. The work would resume later on 21 September.

As for the parliamentary committees, they could continue their work during the summer on a regular basis, in a virtual way.

Federal mps have passed a motion, April 20, to sit virtually two times per week and only once a person in a restricted format. The provisions of this motion were, however, late Monday.

The deputies have therefore taken up the collar and, until a modus operandi was agreed on.

Conservatives and bloquistes have already reported that they do not intend to support this motion. The chief bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet criticized the liberals for not having complied with two of its commitments, such as helping firms to cover their fixed costs. For this reason, he indicated that his education policy would not offer its support for the government.

The conservatives wish their side as the Parliament seat of a regular basis, and not in the form of a committee of the whole. They propose that approximately 50 members to be physically present at the time.

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