The decision angered Xiaomi smartphone users

On the official MIUI forum users wrote a ton of negativity in the address of MIUI

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Today, 08:35

Решение Xiaomi разозлило пользователей смартфонов

Many promised to abandon smartphones

On the weekends Xiaomi announced the closure of the pre-test firmware MIUI for all smartphones. According to the manufacturer, build beta versions will cease to be beginning July 1, 2019.

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Chinese manufacturer motivating its decision by the fact that the test firmware contains a huge number of errors, and users are simply overwhelmed a system for tracking bugs their claims. Also the decision was influenced by a large fragmentation of the firmware because of the increased number of supported smartphone models.

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This decision of Xiaomi is not a joke angered users, who for two days has left “tons” of angry messages on the official forum of MIUI. Many were so angry, that he promised to refuse to use smartphones, if that soon change your mind.

Решение Xiaomi разозлило пользователей смартфонов

Enjoy the dark theme in MIUI first could only users of the beta firmware versions

It would seem, why so much negativity towards Xiaomi for the closure test firmware teeming with failures and errors? As it turned out, the beta version of MIUI, very often are much more stable than the full version, on new Android versions with fixing protection problems, and also have the newest comfortable and experimental functionality that appears in release builds much later.

Earlier, Xiaomi has promised to update the smartphone to Android 10. In turn, cheap flagship killer from Xiaomi upset Europe.

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