The decision of Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is “irrevocable”

La décision de Laurent Duvernay-Tardif «est irrévocable»

Quebec’s Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, who will not compete in the next season of the NFL with the Chiefs in Kansas City, because of the risks linked to the pandemic of sars coronavirus. And the decision he has taken is a final decision.

Thus, it will be impossible to “LDT”, back in the middle of a campaign for any reason whatsoever.

“It is final, has pointed out bluntly her agent and good friend Sasha Ghavami, Sunday, when the emission Salut Bonjour Weekend on TVA. When you make the decision to opt-out, one of the conditions is that it is irrevocable. You don’t play, you can not go back, for example, with three games to go in the season.

“Ultimately, it is a decision that is irrevocable. Laurent is in a situation where he will spend the season 2020 on the sidelines.”

As well, the Chiefs will have to find a replacement in Quebec for the next campaign. And if “LDT” is back in 2021, he will have to fight to reclaim his position.

“This reflection is part of the pros and cons of the decision, has continued Ghavami. Ultimately, in football, you need to understand that your position is never guaranteed, whether you’re there or that you should not be there. You always have to fight for our position.

“For Laurent, ultimately, he made the decision not to return in 2020, his contract is going to be pushed back a year by 2021. It’s going to be up to him to return and he understands that he will have to earn his position. The Chiefs will not leave this post available during his absence until he returns with the red carpet. This is not how it works in professional sports, especially not in professional football.”

Duvernay-Tardif had won the Super Bowl with the Chiefs a few months ago in the triumphant San Francisco 49ers at the ultimate game.

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