The decomposition of plastic in live: be patient

Разложение пластика в прямом эфире: запаситесь терпением

Разложение пластика в прямом эфире: запаситесь терпением

The decomposition of plastic in live: be patient

WWF draws attention to plastic pollution of the planet with the longest live broadcast in history.

29 may 2019 at 17:30


The world wildlife Fund has launched a petition for the creation of a world agreement banning polluting the oceans with plastic. To ensure that every person on the planet realized the scale of the problems at the same time was organized the online broadcast, called the “longest in history”: it will be 450 years.

That is how much it takes one plastic bottle to fully decompose. Meanwhile, every year the ocean gets about 8 million tons of plastic waste, and for the past decade, there have accumulated at least 150 million tonnes.

Each country is part of “the plastic crisis”, so humankind needs a single global solution to all governments willing to take measures to stop leakage of plastic into the environment. Created to the UN a petition must draw the attention of reputable international organizations on the most important environmental problem of our time. Environmentalists believe that because the crisis was created just one generation – his decision will take about the same time, so the situation can still be remedied if you start to work immediately.

Up to this point the petition was signed by almost 495 thousand people. Find out how dangerous plastic is for absolutely all living beings.


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