The dedication of Clavel recognized

Le dévouement de Clavel reconnu

For its job done in NURSING homes during the pandemic of the COVID-19, the boxer Kim Clavel received the award for Pat-Tillman on Tuesday.

This honor, which is awarded in memory of former player of the NFL, will be presented at the gala of the ESPYS, on the 21st of June. Created in 2014, this award honors a person ” who has a strong link with the sport that has served others in a way that echoes the legacy of Tillman. “

Clavel has learned the happy news in a special way.

“I was asked to return to the scene of the filming of ESPN, she explained during an interview with The Journal de Montréal. I growling a little. I arrived at the place where a computer is waiting for me.

“It was my grandmother who told me that I had won the prize-Pat-Tillman. I’m crying because it’s been so long that I had not seen. My sister and my mother have also participated in the announcement.

“Everything that I’ve done work in NURSING homes, I have not done to win awards or recognition. I don’t realize what is happening to me. “

This is the widow of Tillman, Mary, who was named the Quebec for the prize that bears the name of her husband.

“By choosing to return on the first line of health care in the midst of a pandemic, Kim embodies the spirit of service, duty, and selflessness that Pat embodied, she commented by way of press release.

“Despite the dangers of the COVID, and the shelving of his career as a boxer, Kim has chosen to focus its energy on those who need it the most. “

The last months of the pugilist have been hectic. After a change of promoter, and the cancellation of his first fight with the Group Yvon Michel (GYM) because of the COVID-19, the boxer decided to return to his job of licensed practical nurse in order to give a helping hand in several NURSING homes in the region of Montreal. A different kind of duel.

Great visibility

With this honor, Clavel will obtain visibility and recognition in the United States, but also around the world.

In recent years, the price Pat-Tillman has mostly been handed over to american soldiers who went to war. For example, the recipient of last year’s, Kirstie Ennis, has become a para-athlete after a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

The history of Clavel is not too dramatic, but it is also inspiring. As a nursing assistant, she has worked in conditions that were far from easy. Despite the risks and the fatigue, she has always done with a smile.

Contract with Top Rank ?

This honor could also have an impact on his career. According to our information, the promoter Yvon Michel would be advanced in his negotiations with Top Rank for an agreement of co-sponsorship of the career of Clavel.

We can even expect an agreement in the coming weeks. This is not a surprise. Top Rank and GYM already have agreements for the services of Eleider Alvarez and Oscar Rivas. They had also found a common ground for the transfer of Artur Beterbiev in Top Rank.

For Clavel, this would be a win-win agreement. On one side, the protégé of Danielle Bouchard could move to the next step of his career at all levels. And the other, Top Rank and could benefit from the new visibility of Québec to attract the spotlight to the sport of boxing.

Clavel (11-0, 2 K.-O.), who holds the title NABF out of 108 lb, was supposed to be the star of a GYM card in September. However, if she accepts the offer of Top Rank, the plans could very well change.

The price Pat-Tillman

  • Kim Clavel (2020 – Boxing)
  • Kirstie Ennis (2019 – Marine)
  • Jake Wood (2018 – Marine)
  • Israel Del Toro (2017 – Air Force)
  • Elizabeth Marks (2016 – united states Army)
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